2 Questions About Separating Twins In Daycare

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2 Questions About Separating Twins In Daycare

6 February 2018
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog

Are you a stay-at-home parent with twins who is looking to get back into the workforce? If so, you'll most likely be looking into a potential daycare for your kids. It is a decision that will not be easy, which is why you may have these questions about doing it.

Should Your Children Be Separated In Different Rooms?

It used to be very common to separate twins when they enter a school environment, but there are many opinions on what is best for the children. You may be the type of parent that believes separating your children at their young age could help them foster independence. They both will start to develop interests of their own, rather than just go along with what the other twin is doing.

Another viewpoint is that it can be very stressful for twins to be separated at a young age, since they have most likely spent their entire lives together, and the separation could cause them to have behavioral or social problems.

There isn't an answer that's correct for every set of twins, and it is something you must consider carefully when enrolling your children into daycare. Discuss this decision with their doctor to see if they have an opinion based on what they know about the children. In addition, check with any potential daycare about if you can reverse the decision and either split the twins up or bring them back together down the road.

Do Your Children Learn Differently?

Another consideration when deciding if your twins should be separated is the kind of learners they are. It is possible that your children can benefit from being in different rooms if the rooms have a different approach to how they teach the kids.

For example, one child may be a better learning when it comes to hearing information that is told to them. Meanwhile, another child can benefit from a hands-on experience for them to really have an understanding of what they are learning.

When looking into different daycare facilities, ask about what their approach is to learning and if they have different teachers that focus on a certain approach. If they do offer this, splitting up twins may be the best option if they learn in different ways. If the teaching style is the same across all rooms, then there will not be much of a difference aside from who is leading the lessons.

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