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About a year ago, I started investing more and more time into my education. I realized that I was really stuck in a dead-end job, and I knew that I had to do something about it or risk being bored for the rest of my life. I started thinking more carefully about going back to school, and it was really incredible to see the difference that a little education could make. Within a few months I was enrolled, and I was feeling better about myself and my choices. This blog is all about making more of yourself and knowing how to streamline your future.


Enlistment Up? What You Should Know About Your GI Bill Benefits

24 July 2018
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If you've recently separated from the military, and you want to start using your educational benefits, there are some things you'll need to know. In addition to traditional forms of educational grants, scholarships, and loans, the GI bill is also available to you. One of the benefits of utilizing your GI bill for your education is that it's not federal student aid, when means you won't have to apply for it. Read More …

How Do You Choose The Right Private High School For Your Child?

8 May 2018
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Attending a private high school helps your child succeed academically and helps them get into an excellent college. The reason why private schools excel in this area is the fact that they're well-funded by the parents of students – private schools can be quite expensive! This means private schools have smaller class sizes, better facilities, and high-quality teachers, but it also means that sending your child to private school is a big financial decision that's not to be taken lightly. Read More …

2 Questions About Separating Twins In Daycare

6 February 2018
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Are you a stay-at-home parent with twins who is looking to get back into the workforce? If so, you'll most likely be looking into a potential daycare for your kids. It is a decision that will not be easy, which is why you may have these questions about doing it. Should Your Children Be Separated In Different Rooms? It used to be very common to separate twins when they enter a school environment, but there are many opinions on what is best for the children. Read More …

Three Choices When It Comes To Educating Your Child And Advantages Of Each

9 November 2017
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If you have a child that is old enough to attend school, you may think you only have one choice when it comes to deciding what type of schooling your child receives. This however, is not accurate, as there are actually many choices when it comes to giving your child an education. Here are three choices when it comes to educating your child. Public Schools Many parents opt to send their child to a public school. Read More …

Three Great Ways To Keep Trade School Costs Down

5 September 2017
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If you're like many smart young people who are considering pursuing a trade in order to secure a good future, you're probably also wondering how to get that education without racking up thousands of dollars in student loans. You probably already know that working at a part-time job can help defray college expenses, but there are other less obvious strategies that can help you get through school with minimal accrued debt. Read More …