3 Things To Consider When Sending Snacks To Your Child's Preschool

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3 Things To Consider When Sending Snacks To Your Child's Preschool

25 June 2017
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Some preschools ask that parents send in snacks for the students on a rotating basis. In others, parents may be allowed to send in treats for their kids' birthdays, holidays, or any other purpose. If you are thinking about sending snacks for the kids in your child's preschool, you'll want to ask for permission first. Then, consider these three things when choosing a snack for best results:

1. Allergies

First of all, you should think about the allergies that the kids in the class might suffer from. Even if your child does not have any food allergies, there could be kids in the class who are allergic to peanuts, dairy, and more. You can ask the preschool teacher if there are any allergies that you should be worried about, and you can avoid common allergens, like peanuts, just to be on the safe side.

2. Healthiness

Although you might be sending food with the intention of giving the kids a treat, you may want to look at healthier options rather than sweets or other junk food. After all, some parents like to ensure that their kids eat a healthy diet, and you probably want to ensure that the kids are properly nourished so that they can complete the day at preschool. Fresh-cut fruit and vegetables with a healthy dip can be a better option than chips or cupcakes, for example. Doing your online research can help you find fun, healthy snack ideas that will be perfect for your child's preschool class.

3. Messiness

Even though the kids might love to dive into something that is messy, the truth is that the preschool teachers might not appreciate it. When choosing snacks to send to your child's preschool class, you may want to pick something that is easy for the kids to eat neatly and without too many utensils or too much help. This can help keep things a lot easier for the teachers and can help prevent a distracting mess in the classroom. It also does not hurt to send in extra napkins to help with cleaning up the mess, and you can choose patterned or seasonal napkins to suit the occasion if you wish.

If you have been asked to send in snacks for your child's preschool or if you would just like to treat the kids to a special treat, make sure that you ask for permission first. Then, follow these three tips to ensure that you send the right snack. Check out a company like Foundations Child Development Center Inc for more information and assistance.