Steps To Becoming A Private Pilot

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Steps To Becoming A Private Pilot

20 June 2016
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Once you have your aviation license, there are a number of different career paths that you can take in the field. One of these career paths is becoming a private pilot. If you are interested in being on call to fly private planes around the world and controlling your own career, there are some steps that you should take before and after flight training. Here are some steps you should take to develop your career as a pilot of private planes.

Learn to pilot a number of aircrafts

While you are in aviation school is the best time to get practice flying on a number of different airliners and jets. Learn to operate as many planes as you can. You should practice on small, single-engine planes, as well as multi-engine airliners that would be used for commercial flights at airports. The more hours you have of experience with planes of all types, the easier it will be to get hired as a private pilot. You want to be capable of saying 'yes' every time a possible client asks if you will be able to fly their plane. 

Purchase your own plane

After you have received your pilot's license, look into purchasing a small private plane of your own. This does not need to be the fanciest plane or jet. Just as you would with a car, have an airplane mechanic give the machine a once over and provide you with approval before you agree to purchase the plane. The reason that you want to buy a plane is because you can collect more money by offering to fly on your own plane than by flying a client's plane. Depending on the amount of seats and space you have in your plane, you can also book groups that are going from one place to another, providing you with extra money. By being a private flier, you can book as many or as few groups as you would like per day, offering you the advantage of making as much money or free time as you would like.

Find a copilot to team up with

If you have a teammate that can be your copilot, it may be easier to find companies and individuals to take you on as a private pilot. Offering a group package rather than the company or person having to find two pilots to work together makes things convenient. Most companies and individuals that charter private planes are looking for the ultimate in convenience. Starting a company with a partner is also a good idea for advertising and tax purposes for taking on contracts and accounts. 

Before you can become a private pilot, you must first attend a training program offered at a school like the Institute of Aviation at Parkland College. After you obtain your license, you can pursue this career path.