Enlistment Up? What You Should Know About Your GI Bill Benefits

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Enlistment Up? What You Should Know About Your GI Bill Benefits

24 July 2018
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If you've recently separated from the military, and you want to start using your educational benefits, there are some things you'll need to know. In addition to traditional forms of educational grants, scholarships, and loans, the GI bill is also available to you. One of the benefits of utilizing your GI bill for your education is that it's not federal student aid, when means you won't have to apply for it. If you served active duty in the military, the GI bill is a benefit that's available to you. Here are some things you should know about the benefit.

Benefits Are Determine by Several Factors

When it comes to determining benefits through the GI bill, several different factors are looked at. These factors will determine the amount of benefits you receive, as well as the duration of benefits.

Time in Service

The first factor that's looked at is time in service. The longer you served active duty in the military, the larger your benefits package will be.

Credits Taken

In addition to your time in service, the actual number of credits you'll be taking is also considered. For instance, if you'll be attending college full-time, you'll receive your full benefits. However, you'll only receive a portion of your benefits if you'll be attending college half-time or part-time.

Military Status

One thing you should know is that you can start using your GI bill while you're still on active duty in the military. Once you've separated from the military, you will be allowed to continue using your GI bill for your education.

GI Bill Benefits Are Flexible

One of the benefits of using the GI bill is that it's flexible, meaning you can use it when you need it and set it aside when you don't. This is particularly beneficial when unexpected events require you to take a break from your education. Once you're able to return to school, the benefits will be there for you to use. It is important to note that your GI bill benefits come with a time limit. You will have between 10 years and 15 years to begin using your benefits once you are separated from the military, depending on the type of GI bill you have – post 9/11 GI bill, or Montgomery GI bill.

You Can Transfer Benefits to Dependents

If you've decided not to use your GI bill for yourself, and you have dependents, you can transfer the benefits to them. This transfer applies to spouses and children. You can also transfer a portion of the benefits so that you can utilize them, as well.

For more information on educational assistance for military personnel, contact your local admissions office.